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Why Do Women Gossip?

August 23rd 2010 20:07
Men gossip too, but it seems that so many women like to gossip. In most cases, it's not on purpose, but it's small talk about what's going on. In many cases, it's just a matter of talking, but not watching what you say. I mean, not everyone wants to hear about Johnny's affair.

Gossip can easily ruin a friendship, relationship, job, etc. It's easy to do.

When new information comes out, sometimes it's hard not to share. Whether it's about the new cool gift that Joanne is getting from her boyfriend, or if it's about potential termination at work. It's hard sometimes to keep your mouth shut when it comes to news and current affairs (new events going on, not necessarily affairs, but it could be an affair).

Women gossip for attention; to spread information; as a distraction; and to hear themselves talk. There is no one reason as to why women gossip as everyone is different, but in general, we all do it.

When you find yourself talking about someone else, that's considered gossiping. Sometimes it's harmless, but in other cases, it can cause chaos in a relationship.

One thought is that it is easier to gossip about others than to focus on oneself. It's easier to talk bad about or to just talk about others, than to focus on self-improvement.

Gossip and news is everywhere, from blogs, to tabloids, to twitter. We all do it, and it's hard to avoid. The best way to avoid gossiping is to not talk about anyone else to anyone other than the person the subject matter is about.

It's hard to do, but as a challenge to yourself, give it a try. You may not think you're a gossiper, but once you try not to talk about others or about things that you've heard from others, you'll see how often you really think about it.

I'll admit that I will try this challenge for an entire week, but I can't guarantee anything. I never realized how much of a gossiper I was until I started work. I got into the habit of gossiping because I was hanging around and working with women who have the habit of gossiping, which ran off on me. I try not to tell people about business going on within the company, but sometimes it can be hard. The way I help it, is to tell my boyfriend who doesn't know but a few people that I work with, so although I'm still gossiping, it's not being spread around the office by my lips.


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Comment by Margaret Bennett

August 24th 2010 11:59
I think it is commendable that you realize this and are actually doing something about it. Gossiping is a fall back behavior. So easy to do but not so easy to curb.

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