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Pubic Hair Styles

May 3rd 2009 18:49
It's not uncommon to meet a woman who shaves her lady area; in all reality it's pretty uncommon to meet a female who doesn't. But, if you are one of the women who shaves or waxes her female parts, you may want to consider a different style.

There are more than one hair styles that you can choose from when trying to design your female area. The one you choose will probably be the easiest that you can accomplish on your own. Unless you want to go to a professional, which many women do.

But, not only can you choose different styles, you can choose different colors. Just make sure that you do not use regular hair dye on your female area because it is a very sensitive area that can easily be irritated by the harsh chemicals in regular dyes. You want to purchase a dye that is specifically made for sensitive areas, such as the Betty Hair Down There dye.

The dye comes in a variety of colors, ranging from browns and natural colors for women who just want to hide grays, all the way to blue, green, hot pink, purple, and red.

By changing up your cut and maybe your color, you may find that you're spicing up your love life a little. If anything, you'll at least walk around a little cockier because you know what you've got going on under your panties. Ha.

Now, personally, I'm not too sure about all the different shapes and styles that you can have shaved or waxed into your lady area, but the Betty Hair Down There dye would be pretty cool to try out, but you'd have to have a little hair down there to dye in order to test it out.

Julie-Ann Amos has this interesting hub about the history of pubic hair styles, and she explains the different designs and what they should look like. If you're interested in comparing the french to the isosceles to the princess cut, you'll definitely want to check out Popular Pubic Hair Styles: History and How To Create Them.

Patchouli (or all natural)
Landing Strip

MC Hammer
Rising Sun


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Comment by Morgan Bell

May 3rd 2009 20:28
how very timely and coincidental, i was just having a drunken discussion about pubic hair maintenance last night . . . i didnt realise there were so many names

Comment by Whitney

May 4th 2009 12:23
There are... I think someone had too much free time time come up with the names. Plus, I'm not sure who has the time to shave, or wax, a sunrise or MC Hammer into the lady area, much less any other design like the card suits.

* I've deleted all debate and arguing with David... It's/he's uncalled for... Not your fault by any means... I just don't feel like dealing with him on my blogs.

Comment by Morgan Bell

May 4th 2009 12:39
hi Whitney,
i love the term "lady area" haha
very cute!
i think some of the styles would grow out pretty quickly, requiring alot of follow-up maintenance

* i dont blame you for deleting the whole lot, i wont approve Davids comments on my blog anymore so i understand you not wanting to deal with him

Comment by Whitney

May 4th 2009 12:57
I agree because it does take a lot of maintenance to do cute designs, I doubt think it would last long.

* He decided to have everything saved from your conversation and posted it all over again... It was deleted.

Comment by Morgan Bell

May 4th 2009 13:01
do you remember that episode of Sex And The City where Carrie goes on holiday (to LA i think) and gets a brazilian and it totally changes her sexual behaviour because she feels so free and sexy

* haha trolls are so persistant, you go girl

Comment by Mau-Medellin

May 4th 2009 13:33
I remember a friend of mine, a lady friend, telling me about the first time she shaved herself bare and how itchy it was... the things we do in our naive youth!


Comment by Cheryl J

May 5th 2009 07:15
Oooh, no shaving - ouchy regrowth! Although I do wax regularly, I'm not sure I could bother with shapes and such, the style wouldn't stay for long but the whole dye thing sounds fun. I had no idea you could get dye made for your lady bits!

Although I'm trying to picture a partner's face when their lady's formerly black, blonde or red landing strip was fluoro pink when the knickers come off

Comment by Whitney

May 5th 2009 12:19
Mau, shaving is not just a youth thing...

Cheryl, I've considered giving waxing a try. Does it really get less painful the more you do it? Shaving just causes more problems than its worth. I think the dying is an interesting concept as well, but I do prefer no hair to even just the landing strip.

Comment by Cheryl J

May 6th 2009 14:36
Hi Whitney, it only gets less painful if you are vigilant and keep going regularly as you have less to wax off that way. If you do what I often do in the lazy winter months and let it get a bit wild, the first one back is a bit of a killer.

Mind you, it only hurts while it's happening. Afterward, it feels really pleasant but I guess the same could be said for banging your head against a wall and then stopping

There are a couple of areas that are more painful than others but if your beautician is good, it should be very fast. Normally they press the flat of their hand straight over the waxed area to soothe it which works wonders but I have a new waxer who presses a cool damp facewasher on the area and the sting disappears immediately. She is brilliant. The more you let grow the more painful it is. If it's sparse it's no worse than a short sharp slap.

People tell you regrowth doesn't itch when you wax but that's not true - it does. It just isn't as bad as after you shave as the ends of the hair aren't sharp and they don't all grow in at once.

My tips would be a) go to someone recommended by someone you know b) expect to lose a little dignity as you are put in awkward positions c) make sure you only go to salons that use a single spatula for each dip. They dip it, spread it on the skin and discard the spatula for a new one - super clean and no risk of cross infection. A tip of my own is to take two nurofen with codeine about 30 minutes before you go in. It helps a lot.

Also, no strip wax for Brazillians ever! The denser the hair the more likely it will snap off and you'll be left with a large chunk of cash out of your wallet and stubble within a day. It needs to be hot wax only. Strips are for legs.

I look forward to them. I love the way I feel when I leave the salon! I have to get one of these colours. How hilarious!

Comment by Whitney

June 22nd 2009 22:49
Thanks for the tips. I'm glad you brought up waxing strips for legs only. I wasn't sure about that, but didn't see how it would work as well as the hot wax.

Comment by Anonymous

February 14th 2010 08:09
The clean shaven look for women is a fad that has just about run its full course. It seems to have started as a fetish in the late 70's or early 80's; became very popular and main-stream through the 90's and 2000's, but has now lost the erotic appeal. The natural look is becoming more popular, as more men perceive it as representing a sexually mature and desirable woman.

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