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Media Headlines

June 21st 2014 17:24
I don't care that Jessica Simpson wore a tight black dress with big hair for a picture, but for some reason, I click on the article anyway.

Media headlines are the worst attention getters ever. You log onto the computer and jump on the internet for a purpose, but you always end up reading at least one news article.

Sometimes, I find myself amazed for over an hour, and end up too tired to do whatever I originally intended.

The internet is a wonder tool for procrastination.

What headlines get you? Kardashians, Pets, Politics?


Girls are Smarter

June 15th 2014 15:57
According to a new study by Daniel and Susan Voyer, girls get better grades in school.

The study, published in the Psychological Bulletin, breaks down marks in a variety of ways, including type of subject, level of schooling (grade school through college), race/ethnicity, year and a few other factors.

And, throughout all subjects, countries and about 100 years of data (1914-2011), females outperformed males.

The Voyers used a 6-step procedure for their study.
1. Identify all studies in professional databases by using combinations of keywords from column A (“academic performance,” “GPA,” etc.) and column B (“gender differences,” “sex differences,” etc.).

2. Post notices on professional listserves looking for these types of studies, including unpublished findings.
3. Eliminate any findings about one-time tests like the SAT, GRE etc.
4. Eliminate any study that focused on a a particular group of people (race, gifted, delayed, etc) or students with a serious medical condition.
5. Eliminate any study that focused on only boys or only girls.
6. Eliminate any study that doesn’t have the necessary technical details, such as number of students or a numeric indicator of the difference.

The Voyers were able to identify more than 15,000 published studies and more than 2,000 unpublished papers that compared 369 groups of students who were compared in 502 ways.

In the end, the Voyers determined that females got better marks than males. And, the gap was larger in North America (US and Canada) than any other country.


Benefits of Lemon Water

June 8th 2014 19:10

Lemons may be sour, but they're quite healthy for you. Lemon water can be a great morning drink.

Not lemonade, but lemon water...

1. Lemons are high in vitamin C, which good for fighting colds.

2. Lemons are high in potassium, which stimulates brain and nerve function, as well as helps to control blood pressure.

3. Lemons can help reduce your body's overall acidity. Because lemons are one of the most alkaline foods.

4. Lemons are high in pectin fiber, which helps fight hunger cravings. It also has been shown that people who maintain a more alkaline diet will actually lose weight faster.

5. Lemon water aids digestion by encouraging the liver to produce bile- an acid required for digestion. Good digestion can reduce heartburn and constipation.

6. Lemons increase the rate of urination in the body, which helps rid the body of toxins at a faster rate.

7. The vitamin C in lemons can help reduce wrinkles and blemishes, as well as purge toxins from the blood, which can keep skin clear. The used lemons from your lemon water can also be applied directly to scars to help reduce their appearance.

8. Warm lemon water helps get rid of chest infections and halt coughs.

9. Vitamin C is one of the first things that deplete when your mind and body are stressed, so lemons can help keep your body relaxed.

Benefits of Cucumber Water

June 1st 2014 19:09

If you're tired of plain water, add a few cucumber slices to your glass. Cucumbers will add a sweet flavor to your water that you'll find refreshing as well as healthy.

1. Cucumbers are good for your muscles. They contain silica, which is a trace mineral necessary to keep connective tissue healthy.

2. Cucumbers are good for your skin. The silica and antioxidants in cucumbers will help your skin stay clear. You can even take the used cucumbers and wash your face with them to reduce acne redness.

3. Cucumbers are low in calories, so you won't be adding too many extra calories to your drink.

4. Cucumbers can be detoxifying.

5. Cucumbers are quite inexpensive when compared to other produce.

Fore more flavor, add watermelon, lemon or berries to your cucumber water.

I recently purchased WPDollar plugin and theme with the premise of a money-back guarantee if I didn't like it or it didn't work the way I wanted.

Well, I don't like and the layout of the posts are unsitely.

But, I didn't get my money back. I was told they do not give money back unless the product doesn't actually work.

That's not what the website said.

Don't waste your money on this WordPress plugin. If you want something auto-posts and you don't care what the end result looks like, then WPDollar will do.

If you care what your website looks like, then bypass this product.

There are other Amazon themes that you may want to consider, but theses are more costly than WPDollar. I wanted cheap, and that's what the product is. The customer service is rude, as well.

It was unfortunate that I couldn't find any helpful reviews or demos before I purchased the product.

Do not buy WPDollar 2.0 or WPDollar Theme.

If you want to try a better system, consider ReviewAZON or WP Zon Builder. Both of these Wordpress Amazon plugins have 30 day money back guarantee. So if you don't like them, you really do get your money back.

php Bay Pro is another Wordpress Amazon plugin that you may want to consider, but it only has a 7 day money back guarantee.

Best Bronze Tanning Lotions

May 21st 2014 00:20
Don't look like an orange this summer. Make sure that you buy the best bronzer, but you don't have to spend a lot. Check out these bronzing lotions that you can buy at your local drug store.

Suave Visible Glow Gradual Tanner- Get a hint of color. Apply daily to slowly build up your tan

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Most Popular Garden Flower

May 3rd 2014 20:32
Gardening is a popular past time. The following flowers are popular for their colors and hardiness.

Personally, I prefer perennial flowers because they come back year after year, but annuals and biennials are quite popular. Biennials flower after about two years, then die, whereas annuals only live for one year. Annuals tend to be cheaper than annuals, since they only last for one season

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Types of Foundation

April 26th 2014 19:20
Liquid Foundation- Liquid foundation is ideal for normal to dry skin. There are different varieties of liquid foundation that include oil-free, oil-based, waterproof and even 24-hour wear. Liquid foundation also varies from a light to full coverage. Liquid foundation can be heavier.

Tinted Moisturizer- Tinted moisturizer works for all types of skin. It's the lightest form of coverage. Tinted moisturizer helps to even out skin tone

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Real Life Barbie Before and After

April 19th 2014 17:30
Ukrainian Valeria Lukyanova considers herself a real-life barbie. She claims to have never had surgery to obtain her doll-like appearance, but if you check out her before pictures, she looks a little different than she does now.

But, then again it could be from her belief in Breatharianism where she doesn't need food or water to survive

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Best Liquid Foundation Brush

February 28th 2014 00:29
Foundation brushes can be expensive, but you don't always want to skimp on a good brush. Buying a cheap brush means you'll most likely have to buy another brush, so for the price of two you could have gotten a better brush to begin with.

If you're still not sold on which brush to buy, below are a few great options. The Mary Kay brush is less than $10, which is a very appealing price and it's one of the best foundation brushes

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